A Commemoration for the Fallen

Over the weekend, I attended a service commemorating the fallen soldiers of World War One in the village of Helperby, North Yorkshire.

This service was particularly important to my family, as four members from my late Grandfather’s side were all killed during the war within a short time of one another.

My Great Great Uncle, Private Maurice Goodwill of The Green Howards, was killed 100 years ago on the 2nd of May, making the service even more special.

Cross Banner

War Memorial01

Alongside the service was a small exhibition of artefacts and photographs from WW1.

War Memorial02

War Memorial03

War Memorial04

War Memorial05

Trying on a rather sinister mask used to protect the face from pieces of shrapnel.

War Memorial06

War Memorial07

War Memorial08

A quick play break in the garden before the main ceremony.

War Memorial09

The commemoration and re-dedication of the war memorial.

War Memorial12

War Memorial10

War Memorial13

War Memorial14

War Memorial15

War Memorial16

Despite the cold weather, it was a lovely day spent with family and it was interesting to learn more about my family and lineage!

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