A Sneak Peek at the Castle Howard In Bloom Flower Festival


Today, I was lucky enough to get a sneak peek at the fantastic Castle Howard In Bloom Flower Festival 2017.

Now in its fourth year, the festival runs over four days to bring vibrant, exotic floral displays to all that visit the stately home.


From a crystal and carnation waterfall cascading into Castle Howard’s Great Hall to arrangements that look like they’ve come straight from the depths of the Amazon, there are beautiful flowers at every turn.


Planning the festival was no easy job, and designs began to come to life all the way back in October last year, led by local professional florist Catherine Gledhill (pictured below).


The flowers were delivered to Castle Howard yesterday morning, giving the volunteers less than 24 hours to create the beautiful displays dreamt up by Catherine and her team.


The flowers truly do give even more of a magical feeling to the grand surroundings of Castle Howard, and I’d certainly recommend it as a fantastic activity for the weekend (especially in this rainy weather).


The festival runs from Thursday 29th June – Sunday 2nd June, with demonstrations, talks and tours throughout. I went to photograph the amazing preparations on behalf of Visit York. Find out more about the Castle Howard In Bloom Flower Festival 2017.

See more photos from my website – Lily Hartley Photography.

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