A Week as the In-House Photographer for the York Museums Trust Press Office

I recently completed a 5 day stint at the press office for the York Museums Trust (more info here). I was asked to photograph a whole range of things, and was kept very busy throughout the week.

I wrote a short blog piece for the York Museums Trust website, which you can read here

Below are some of my photographs.

John Hoyland poses with a WW1 Vickers machine gun at the Castle Museum – promotional shots for 1914 Month, a sneak peek into the WW1 exhibition coming in 2014

Photograph above published here

Tansy Beetles, which are beetles found only along the Ouse river in Yorkshire, have recently been introduced into the Museum Gardens

Tansy Beetle photos published here

Part of the natural science collection of the Yorkshire Museum

The Museum Gardens

Natalie McCaul holds a rare silver Richard III boar badge, recently bought by the Yorkshire Museum

Boar badge photo published here

Volunteers helping out within the Yorkshire Museum

I had a fantastic and very educational week, and I will be going back to do another 5 days in December.